Meet the Founder

A city girl with dreams to touch millions.

Meet Kimberly Ikediobi, a girl from Houston, Texas who was often called "Kim Possible" due to her belief that she could do anything she set her mind to. As soon as she finished her freshman year at Virginia Tech studying chemical engineering, she started formulating the products for Natural Kuru.

She went natural via the big chop in March of 2014, so she knows all about the struggles one can face while in search of products that will truly grow hair. 

She is currently a senior at Virginia Tech, with dreams to take her hair care business to exciting levels. 

Favorite chocolate: KitKats!

Connect with Kim

Kimberly Ikediobi is currently studying Chemical Engineering at Virginia Tech. She launched Natural Kuru in August of 2020. 


To create affordable natural hair products so that EVERYONE can take care of their curls no matter what.