Meet Kimberly Ikediobi

A city girl with dreams to touch millions.

Kimberly Ikediobi was born and raised in Houston, Texas who was often called "Kim Possible" due to her belief that she could do anything she set her mind to. She used to chemically relax her hair with perm boxes, which was damaging to the hair. Thus, she often got bullied on how short and "stiff" her hair was. When learning about "natural" hair, aka getting rid of perm boxes and letting the natural hair grow, she decided to cut off all her hair and start fresh.

She went natural in March of 2014, and started her search to find natural hair products that would grow her hair. During her journey of growing her hair, she felt that the products she was using didn't truly work for her hair. On top of that, there were many toxic synthetic chemicals that went into hair products that she learned was harmful for the hair. There were "organic" products out there, but they cost a fortune and she could not afford it.

As soon as she finished her freshman year at Virginia Tech studying chemical engineering, she started formulating the products for Natural Kuru. When launching in August 2020, she started using only Natural Kuru products to see if her products made a difference. To her amazement, her hair has grown significantly, along with the hundreds of customers she was able to gain support from over the years. She now feels confident in her hair and has begun to let her curls take control.

She started off making her hair products in her dorm room at the Virginia Tech campus, squeezing time between midterms, homework, projects, and extracurriculars to ship out orders. She has now solicited the help of her parents to keep track of her inventory and ship out the products for her in Houston, Texas. #supportfromthefam

She recently graduated from Virginia Tech in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Chemistry.