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Chebe Hair Growth Pudding

Chebe Hair Growth Pudding

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What is "Chebe" Anyway?

It’s a powder that is made by the women from the African Republic of Chad. It consists of ingredients like cherry seeds, cloves, lavender crotons, stone scent and reisin tree sap and has a great reputation for increasing hair thickness, retaining moisture and ultimately promoting long locks--especially when it comes to people with type 4 hair!

Benefits for You

  • It provides length retention results for type 4 hair
  • A great way to keep your hair moisturized in between your wash days
  • One of the best deep conditioners
  • Neutralizes the pH of the hair shaft and scalp
  • Improves hair density


CHEBE POWDER - The super awesome powder just mentioned above! Think of this as the brains behind the whole operation of giving you the length you've always wanted!

RAW SHEA BUTTER- We LOVE shea butter. Shea butter softens your hair & reduces split ends. Shea butter also seals in moisture to deeply moisturize your hair.

SWEET ALMOND OIL- Sweet Almond Oil increases shine & strengthens natural hair. It also tackles dandruff, making sure you have the healthiest scalp on the planet! It helps with hair growth, seals in moisture, conditions hair, and more! Not to mention it's GREAT for ALL HAIR TYPES.

AVOCADO OIL- A super lightweight oil that penetrates the hair shaft and moisturizes your hair! It helps prevent breakage, dandruff, and repairs damaged hair.

JOJOBA OIL- This oil shares many similarities with sebum, aka the oil our scalp naturally produces. It deeply penetrates the hair shaft and follicle to leave our hair feeling amazing.

LAVENDER & ROSEMARY ESSENTIAL OILS- Lavender essential oil helps promote hair growth & aids in thickening your hair. It has antimicrobial properties and smells amazing! Rosemary essential oil has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as fights against dandruff. It also promotes hair growth & restores healthy natural hair.

How to Use



  • First spritz your hair with Kuru's Hydration Spray (or water I suppose) and make sure to completely saturate your hair.
  • Next, apply an average amount of chebe pudding to your strands, making sure to avoid your scalp (it could possibly irritate the scalp so let's stay safe!)
  • Twist or braid your hair and cover with a shower cap for at least two hours. Optimal: overnight.
  • Thoroughly wash out your hair, making sure there is no remains of the pudding on your strands.


  • Use as a deep conditioner OR a pre-poo in your wash day routine!


  • Reapply the pudding every week (without washing it out) for up to a month [max], and then finally wash it out.


  • use twice a week, once a week, or whenever you wash your hair!
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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Aryial Washington

I’ve been using this chebe pudding for about two years now?? Maybe longer LOL but I swear by it. My dad uses it for his beard and he LOVES it. Now I use it for my baby boy’s hair and it gives me peace knowing I’m using something free of chemicals and PERFECT for all of our hair types.

All I can say is try it for yourself!

Worked so well on my daughter's hair. Two strand twist came out beautiful. Hair is soft, manageable and healthy. The pudding also lasted a long while. Doesn't take much at all to see benefits. I used it on my locs from time to time. After washing or spritzing with your wonderful Hydration and Detangle Spray, but very little. Extremely satisfied with my purchase.

Thank you so much! We truly appreciate this awesome review and we are so glad that you and your daughter are loving our products! Feel free to send in pictures of the results any time! <3

Must have!!

I’ve used the chebe pudding for 3 months and have noticed less shedding and breakage overall. I love how moisturizing it is and how shiny it makes my hair. I’ve ordered everything but the detangler spray!

Jasmine J
Very thick

I like it, i use it on my sons hair. It keeps his hair moisturized all day which is what he needs .

sydney brobbey
Chebe butter

This made my hair feel very moisturized! I believe my hair is experiencing breakage from protein sensitivity, so I want to keep using it to see how my hair feels. That’s the only thing standing in the way of 5 stars!