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Must have!!

I’ve used the chebe pudding for 3 months and have noticed less shedding and breakage overall. I love how moisturizing it is and how shiny it makes my hair. I’ve ordered everything but the detangler spray!

Lovely Hair Oil

I used the oil to seal in my Deep Conditioner. My hair was moisturized. The hair oil smells earthly!❤️❤️💋

Very thick

I like it, i use it on my sons hair. It keeps his hair moisturized all day which is what he needs .

Chebe butter

This made my hair feel very moisturized! I believe my hair is experiencing breakage from protein sensitivity, so I want to keep using it to see how my hair feels. That’s the only thing standing in the way of 5 stars!

Very organic/natural ingredients for the hair

So Far So Good

I just started using twice a week and feel that my hair is getting stronger.

Chebe Hair Growth Pudding
Brandi Mcphearson
So far so good good

The products leave me hair soft and manageable.

Curl Defining Potion
Edilberto Galvan

Kuru's Curl Defining Potion

Sealant Butter
Edilberto Galvan

Kuru's Sealant Butter


This is my favorite product ! Literally Is the fastest way to detangle all types of natural hair.I use this product every day on my 4b texture hair.💛

An amazing product

I wasn't expecting this to be as thick as it is but I wasn't disappointed by the product. A little definitely goes a long way and I almost instantly felt my hair soften after applying. By far one of the best natural hair care brands!


By far my favorite product. I love the smell and the moisture it gives my hair. If you're debating whether or not to get it, get it. You won't be disappointed.

It's the formula for me.

If you're looking for a sign to buy it, hello, my name's sign, how're you doing? Not only can I pronounce the ingredients, but the product straight up WORKS. I've been using it for a little over 3 months and my hair looks fuller and has grown significantly. I use it the day after I wash my hair and do my small cornrows. Then, I leave them in for 2 weeks, wash my hair again and repeat. Coming from a lazy natural, this stuff works!!

Best SHOP!

The owner is very nice and caring of their customers. The products are made with love! Love this store!

Thank you so much!!! :))

Life Changing!!

Natural Kuru products have literally been life changing for me. My hair has always been one of my biggest insecurities... But after I started using these products I’ve built this new found confidence and am embracing my natural hair so much. I will forever and always use Natural Kuru!!

Thank you so much!! & I am so so so glad you found confidence in your BEAUTIFUL curls! <3 #embraceyourcurls


This is by far my favorite Brand.First thing first I love that this is a black owned business and the owner can relate to my struggles.The Chebe pudding is my favorite product.It keeps my hair soft and shiny.There is also amazing results in this product I’m so little time.The Chebe pudding also minimized the breakage and tangling in my hair .

Thank you so much for your review Lauren!! I'm glad the Chebe Pudding has been working well for your hair! <3

Sealant Butter
Anita Anwusi

I LOVE THIS PRODUCT! If you have not purchased it you need to!!!! You will NOT regret it! Thanks kimmy <3


Such a beautiful product.

I only got the smaller bottle just to try the product and see how much my hair would like it & WOW my hair loved it. Just purchased some more i am so excited 😍

YAY thanks for the review!! I'm so glad your hair loved it!

Yes ma’am!!

So, of course, as her bestfriend, I got to use her products first hand, and let me just say this: her products work. My hair been feeling soft and I’ve been seeing my hair grow faster and faster. Thank you Kimberly!! Hehe.

LMAO it's only naturallllll... YAY you're welcome Victor!

Sealant Butter
The Good stuff

I started using this stuff months ago and my hair has continuously thanked me with growth and strength. Definitely recommend

Yay for seeing results!! I'm glad!


I am so serious when it comes to my hair detangling process simply because my hair sheds easily.

After introducing this detangling spray into my routine, I've literally seen noticeable differences between how much hair I lose in the comb. If I could take pictures of my puff balls I would!

10/10 once again, naturalkuru doesn't disappoint.

I'm glad my product is serving it's purpose!!

Chebe Hair Growth Pudding
Michelle Ikediobi

Honestly, when I first started using it I didn't know what to expect because of my experience with other natural hair brands.

After scraping the bottle for the last bits of product, I am sold and need more! It's helped my hair grow softer and has allowed it to be moisturized for longer than just a few hours.

Thank you for introducing this to the market and will be coming back for more.

LMAO NOT SCRAPING THE BOTTLE AHH I'm so glad you enjoyed using my product!

Overall amazing product

I love this product when I’m going a braid/twist out! It smells so good, and I know my hair is getting moisturized from it! Definitely a good product to implement into your hair routine !!

Yay!! I'm so glad you like it!

Works like magic !

If you have dry, tangled, rough hair, literally all it takes is one spritz of this hydration spray, and your hair is so much easier to manage !

I'm so glad it works!!

Chebe Hair Growth Pudding
Mikayla Pittman
Favorite Product By Far!

I love love love this product! It leave my hair so soft after usage. I typically like to put my hair in braids and leave the pudding in for a week or so, and I could see a difference In length and strength already!! Highly recommend 🙌🏾

Thank you so much Mikayla! I'm glad you love my product!